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Channel: Howto & Style
Uploaded: 2015-05-25
Author: YouTube Help

Length: 03:56     Rating:     Views: 24,457,666


Video Comments

Nathan Brown (On 2012-03-05)
@extrofactor fuck you you have obviously never been to indiana beach. Just kidding but seriously fuck off people died and your going to say that. Strait up disrespectful
MegaColbalt (On 2012-03-05)
ekgr21212121 (On 2012-03-06)
My best friend I've known my entire life, 24 y/o, was killed in the F-5 tornado that hit University of Alabama 2011. He was a fellow musician. I never dreamed I'd never get another chance to play music together again. As tribute to Blake, I've submitted a video for America's Got Talent 2012. Please see my video, it's only 3 minutes long, and any subscribers/viewers. God bless us, as He blessed all of us, through Blake.
xJackJeckelx420 (On 2012-03-05)
I'm from Indiana but I was in Tennessee when this happened I was fortunate to be missed by this storm because there were two twisters one north of us and one south that was a hellish day
adadkins1993 (On 2012-03-06)
@pliz97 Looked like the front porch light was on. The water on the windshield just made it look distorted.
Mike Kims (On 2012-03-05)
@philigirl721 i made one last night regarding the ignorant quality of the video. it's a joke of a video, the weather is not though, but, you crying about your school and how things were destroyed and lost, my advice is, get the FUCK off of youtube, you are under 18, and more likely under the age of13. Stop crying and help the ones around you. They don't get help AT ALL from you bitching and moaning on youtube. .
Christopher Thompson (On 2012-08-21)
Looks likes someones welding maybe?
ekgr21212121 (On 2012-03-06)
@TheCallOfTheWoods actually, he called me a few months before he died and asked me to put together a band with him and play some gigs in Nashville, and I turned him down because of school, not knowing his time would be so short. He constantly encouraged me to do something with music, and I'm finally done with school so I can. You don't need to be quite so quick to judge, and if you were here, I'd punch you right in that big mouth of yours for that comment.
MIZZ3Z (On 2012-03-05)
where i live we have the most tornados the most violent tornados most frequent and the worst tornado ever recorded record
Soxfan7687 (On 2012-03-05)
We had a nado in mass last year,that shit was crazy


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